Gymarx Pricing

The sizes below left are roll sizes of the Gymarx® material. The sizes in parenthesis represent the available cutting area of that size material. Round letters such as "O and S" in most fonts are slightly taller than flat letters like "A and E", so an allowance must be made when trying to fit letters to a specific size material.

24" Gymarx® Material (Can cut up to 22") $3.75 per running foot
36" Gymarx® Material (Can cut 22"+ to 34") $5.65 per running foot
48" Gymarx® Material (Can cut 34"+ to 46.5") $7.50 per running foot
60" Gymarx® Material (Can cut 46.5"+ to 58") $9.40 per running foot

Larger sizes are produced by "paneling", using two or more lengths of masking that are stacked and overlapped on top of one another to produce a taller mask. For example, to obtain a 6' (72") mascot for a side court, you would need to stack a 48" and a 36" panel. Add the price of the 48" and the 36" panels, and multiply this by whatever your length is. In the example below, we are assuming the length to be 10' ($7.50 + $5.65 = $13.15 x 10' = $131.50)

For multiple colored jobs that require two or more masks, multiply the lengths of masking by the amount of masks that will be needed to paint all colors. Using the example above and assuming that two masks are needed to paint all the colors of the mascot, the formula would read: ($7.50 + $5.65 = $13.15 x 10' = $131.50 x 2 = $263)

Art Charges

We have many mascots and logos on file at no additional charge, however if you must have an exact mascot or logo produced, there will be an additional one time art charge to redraw, based on $75 per hour. You may also contact us for a quote. If you can provide a vector (line drawing) file, this fee may be waived or significantly reduced depending on the quality of the file. If you do plan to send a vector file, please export or save as one of the following file formats:

  • .AI - Adobe Illustrator
  • .EPS - Encapsulated Post Script
  • .DXF - Autocad

Additional Art Charges

To ensure the best possible service to all of our customers, up to two complimentary layouts are provided for you and your clients approval. All other layouts and/or changes to the previous layouts will be billed at $75 per hour. Minimum 1/2 hour. Please put careful thought in the layout ideas before submitting them for proofs.

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Why Choose GYMARX For Your Floor?

GYMARX is an adhesive backed, pressure sensitive vinyl masking system, developed by graphic artists with 25 plus years of design and hands on painting in the field. With this direct knowledge, and experience, and with the introduction of computer technology into the industry, we have developed our masking process to be by far, the easiest & most reliable masking system on the market. Our masking allows ANYONE the ability to paint letters, logos and mascots with professional and uncompromising results.